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Dreams and vision are a neglected aspect of life.

Yet dreams and visions have had powerful effect on people’s lives. King David spoke of how God visited him in the night upon his bed in his sleep. As King he needed all the help he could get. And he did. Dreams, in fact, have literally changed the course of human history.

Jacob of old saw angels coming down on an ascending and descending stairway. He called what he experienced “Bethel”. It was the doorway to the house of God. Nathaniel was promised that he too, would experience this very stairway come upon Ben Adam, the son of man. How astonishing would that be? But it is not out of reach! The staircase is not for a lucky select few. Since we are all Ben Adam (sons of Adam) this promise was and is meant for every man and every woman.

Dreams and visions are administered by angels. They are sent as winds to render help to all who are the heirs of salvation. They will visit you! The promise of “The Unforgettable Tree” is that the clutter of mental debris in our mind will be cleared away and the stairway will descend upon you. You will be visited! This is the promise of “The Unforgettable Tree”

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“Klein intriguingly looks at the ministry and mission of Jesus from the perspective of the fig tree in that story. He looks at the tree’s place in Jewish folklore as well as mentions it in the New Testament, in which Jesus not only spotted the virtuous Nathanael under its branches, but also angrily cursed it in Mark 11 for not bearing fruit out of season. This latter biblical passage has been used by critics of Christianity for hundreds of years to illustrate what they see as Jesus’ human fallibility, but offers a deeper reading here, tying Jesus’ condemnation of the tree to his contempt for the Sanhedrin, the ruling religious authority in Jesus’ day…”

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Excerpt from Chapter 1 “The Buzz”

If you weren’t there you wouldn’t have believed it! Who could have? Nothing like this had ever happened.

As the news spread from village to village it didn’t take long for the whole region of Galilee to be swept up in the fervor. By the time it spread to the village of Capernaham, even the busy fishermen around the sea had become aware of the supernatural event. Galilee was aflame with news that the promised Messiah of Israel had been found and was heading their way.

The news was sensational! A miraculous event had taken place. An audible voice had been heard from the sky above, and a great light in the bodily form of a dove, had descended upon Jesus of Nazareth. What did it mean?”

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