Ken Klein Productions offers a wide variety and spectrum of films.

Travel back to 5000 BC and discover the prophecy hidden in stone in the Great Pyramid Trilogy. At the other end of time peer through a window into the future as Trans-humanism tells the story of the weaponization of human beings in the present arms race.

With Jerusalem now being made the capital of Israel, its time to take a sabbatical to the holy land. Touring Israel will take you to all the sites from Dan to Bathsheba. And while you are there check out Jerusalem the Lost Temple of the Jews and discover the mystery of the prophecy of the Third temple. It’s not what you think!

The classic films Twenty-five Messianic Signs, along with it sister film Petra: Israel’s Secret Hiding Place, have been the favorites of all the films and are must-sees.

Finish your climb to the mountain top for a panoramic vista of human time as you watch the prophetic films Cracking the Prophetic Code ( America in Prophecy) and In the Shadow of Babylon. (an exposition of Revelation 17 & 18). These film will provide a clear picture of a Biblical World view.

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The Great Pyramid Series

The Lost Legend of Enoch

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Message From The Stars

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Gateway To The Galaxy

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Israel Series

Jerusalem And The Lost Temple of The Jews

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Jerusalem – Center of The Earth

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Touring Israel

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End Times Series

Cracking The Code

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In The Shadow of Babylon

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25 Messianic Signs in Israel Today

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Other Films

Invasion of The Dark Stars

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