Filmmaker – Author – Explorer – Athlete – Pastor – Father – Husband

Almost from the moment of birth forces outside his family’s genetics or genealogy shaped Ken Klein’s destiny. While both his parents derived their molding from Eastern European Jewry, Poland and Hungary, the powerful patriarchy had virtually no effect on Ken’s life’s direction.

The KleinsIn the first week of his life his Jewish aunt, who had become a born again Christian, baptized Ken and from that point of divine intervention his life’s direction would follow in a very unprecedented pathway. While the name of Jesus was never spoken in his household, his parents buried the holy water baptism event from Ken. It was never mentioned to him until he reached the age of sixty. Nevertheless Ken maintained a great but mysterious reverence for the name of Jesus even though he never understood why. That was until he reached the age of twenty-five.

After a surprising career as a collage football player, he entered the NFL, only to be intercepted by two catastrophic injuries that quickly ended the endeavor. Ken sees those disasters as a wake up call and divine interventions. Soon thereafter, he turned his life over to Jesus and began his true life’s destiny.

Fast-forward fifty years. In the wake of his life there can be seen many fruitful accomplishments.

He led a large college youth group from which came many pastors. After six years of youth work, there came the pioneering and pastoring of three churches. In the midst of those years along with his wife of four decades they managed to raise three sons who in turn blessed them with seven grandchildren. In 1983 he left the office of pastor and began a new direction authoring four books and producing twenty documentary films. He has appeared on hundreds of Television and radio broadcast and his films and books have touched millions of people around the world. Now, at the age of seventy-two he feels that he is just beginning to get started.