Lost Legend of Enoch


The foolishness of the common assumption, that the Giza plateau pyramids were built and utilized by fourth Dynasty kings as funerary structures or tombs, cannot be overstated.

It is a matter of archaeological fact that none of the fourth Dynasty kings put their names on the pyramids supposedly constructed in their times, yet all other pyramids of Egypt had hundreds of official inscriptions, leaving us no doubt about which king built them.

Even those archaeologists who still stubbornly subscribe to the “tomb theory” of the pyramid do not believe that a queen or anyone else was ever buried in the limestone chamber.

Mysterious legends and records tell of watermarks that were clearly visible on the limestone casing stones of the Great Pyramid suggesting that the Great Pyramid existed before the pharaohs during the great flood of Noah’s time.

Although much research remains to be done in these areas, legend, archaeology, mathematics, and the earth sciences seem to indicate that the Great Pyramid was a monumental device for gathering knowledge and information to be revealed and decoded at a latter time for the spiritual benefit of human beings.

That time has come.

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I have always believed the Great Pyramid was a tomb. I never had any idea it was something other then a tomb. Now I see it was impossible and that my reasoning was based on false information, but to see it even mentioned in the Jewish prophets of the Old Testament and connected with our Milky way galaxy and set as a prophecy hidden in stone took me to a whole other place.

Sharon Franks


I wonder how Ken Klein was able to see what he has captured in this film.

Bob Breeland


I feel like after watching this film that I actually traveled to Cairo and experienced the Giza Plateau. Amazing real life experience. I cant wait to see his other two Pyramid films.

Alanzo Benedict


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