Cracking the Code


The Beast of the Earth Rises

For centuries, students of the Bible, scholars, and theologians have studied and speculated over the exact meaning of the Book of Revelation. Countless attempts have been made to interpret each of these symbols as they relate to human history. Over the past several decades, great light has been shed on the beasts of Revelation, but the second beast is hardly talked about or understood. It has been a mystery and lurked in the shadow of the first beast for almost two thousand years. What about this second beast called the False Prophet? Who is he? And what is he trying to accomplish on this planet?

Cracking the Code extracts the true meaning behind the symbolic and mysterious second beast, and finally explains who he is, and what he is doing before our very eyes, and yet remains unseen.

You will be shocked, and spellbound by this message, which will take you through the panorama of human history, explaining historic events in their prophetic context, and bringing you to the doorstep of today. You will understand your world like never before, and the exciting dangerous moment in which we live, as Cracking the Code puts all the pieces together with crystal clarity.

Viewer Comments

This film was hailed as the greatest message on the internet, but it was taken down. Go figure! Most likely it was getting to close to home for the Deep State crowd, and they got seriously nervous. Anyway, I now several million were able to see it before it got blackballed. This is a very important film.

Jan Kozek


I remember seeing this film on a major TV station. What a shocker then but it is a film way ahead of its time. It is more real today than when I first saw it. It’s like watching and x-ray of the future.

Michael Thompson


This is the clearest teaching on the Book of Revelations that I have ever seen. It is so easy to see and and makes so much sense.

Barry Amaral


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