In the Shadow of Babylon


Remastered Edition

Throughout time and history the human race has been inundated by a religious force that has impregnated itself into religious, political and economic institutions world wide. This unrelenting power has deceived the nations raining down on the unsuspecting and vulnerable inhabitants of the earth.

The Book of Revelation calls it Mystery Babylon Mother of Harlots and The Abominations of the Earth.

This deceptive power poses as truth, but in reality i is a religious spirit of gigantic proportions. It is the mother of all religions, and the power that fragments the Christian Church world wide. It is Mystery Babylon. She pours forth the wine of her fornication, and the nations drink in the deception, but still she goes about undetected.

Who is she? Where is she? How has she deceived the nations of the world? Do we all lay in the Shadow of Babylon today?

This video reveals the source of all religious confusion, not only in the obvious cults, sects, and denominations, but also in the more subtle tones of Christianity. See how pagan Babylon has infected the world's religions, political and economic institutions -- even to the door of your own congregation, Muslim, Jew or Christian.

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I always thought that New York City was Babylon. Famous teachers of prophecy have indicated that this is the case. Buy this film sets the record straight. What a shocker! The truth will set you free.

Pam Geller


According to Dave Wilkerson, the famous prophecy teacher who founded the great church in New York City, he taught that NYC was Babylon, but while true to an extant, this great film makes clear that Mystery Babylon of the Revelation is far bigger then just the city of New York. The film opened my eyes and enlarged my understanding to the overshadowing toxic cloud.

Robert Newlander


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