The Deep State Prophecy and the Last Trump


Prophecy of the Ages

As the sands of time dwindle, history has played out exposing hidden pieces to a great prophetic puzzle. The fog of religious doctrine long shrouding short sided minds has lifted. Men can see clearly now, as long standing prophetic theories are exposed by the purifying light of the real facts.

New York is the story world of the great intrigue and holds the clues to a remarkable story. Why? Because New York is the citadel of world commerce, the home state of the Trump/eter, but most importantly it is the residence of the Great Beast; the United Nations, nerve center for the globalization of the planet Earth.

All the pieces fit tightly creating in high definition a vivid picture in The Deep State Prophecy and the Last Trump.

Viewer Comments

This film should be in every school in the country. This is the most amazing overview of history I have ever seen.

Robin Chamberlain
Executive producer of TV series 24


The film was well produced with great and classical shots of New York, London and Washington DC. The script was clear tight and was narrated with great professionalism. I liked this film.

Andrew Grant
Executive President, Grant Leisure World


I want to take this film and all Ken Klein films to the four corners of the earth, but this film is his finest to date.

Jerry McMillen
Owner of


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