Dear Steve,

It is not my style to descend into the muck of political discourse. Except to say that on a earthly level politics is “the process whereby mortal men determine how they will be ruled.” If you can at least agree to this very short definition then perhaps we can have a discussion. I will assume that you will accept this premise for the moment.

If that definition be correct then consider what is the context wherein you can begin the discussion. In my POV it must begin with the definition of “man.” How are we to understand ourselves? Most people never think to deeply about this but the founding fathers of this country; the United States, did.

Their idea of “man” was derived from the biblical definition of man, and the atrocities they came to see (in the historical view) of the power of the monarchal. system. A system that has prevailed for thousands of years. This system provided for what is called “the divine right of kings.”

But the abuses of “ the divine right of king”s for a new and fledging country they had had enough of and with a staunch adherence to the biblical definition of “man” they proceeded. It was their focus on a view of “man” that led to their political construct, which of course is the United States Constitution.

These men, just like you and me, were flawed men for sure, but they had the right idea of “man” correct. And so they made sure in their political construct that with its three equal parts: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial that no one man (like a king) sould have all the power to rule. There would be no more monarchy. The Constitution was designed to limit power. Why?

Because they saw the evils of a finite man (a king) have the concentration of power in his hands. This was the spirit of their deliberations over the Constitution. It began with and understanding of man.

This is why America was and is so unique. It is because of the long range view of the designers and their understanding of what mortal men do with

This uniqueness is precious but it is slowly being eroded by certain men in power who do not share this ideal.

The fundamental fact is what seems to be lost in the milieu of political debate, and why it is a fruitless pursuit without a recognition of the true nature of mankind.

Mortals should only be trusted with limited political power because they too shall die. “The Bible says it this way, the wages of sin is death.”

Since this is the case with all men how then can any man be trusted with an excess of power over another man since he too is a sinner?

Think about it.

Your friend,
kenny klein