Dear Friends,

Five years ago I wrote this.

“Last week (again this was 2009)I wrote about the winds and the rain, and the clouds, and the balking at the wisdom of Warren Buffet.”

Buffet was decrying at that time the terrible sad economic climate.

I said then this isn’t about being a proud father, but about the goodness of God. Remember this was five years ago. His goodness never ceases and His mercy endures forever.

“My sons opened their business last week (Jan 2009) and already have five accounts that have signed on. The last one to have come on board is one of the most prominent businesses in our Fair city of Eugene. God can make you prosper even in a desert. Have faith in Him.”

Fast forward to now, the present.

Since the writing of that brief five years ago my youngest sons business is now located in California and it grosses over $400,000 Per month. My oldest sons business also which started in Eugene Oregon and has also moved to California has nearly 100 employes and grosses about two million a month.

God not only can make a way in the wilderness, He can create far beyond our wildest dreams.