One of the great writers in modern history was Charles Dickens. His most famous book “A Tale of Two Cities” is wonderful title that helps explain one of the fundamental issues of our lives. In fact it is a hallmark title that defines the life of every human on the earth. This life is about two cities, and the life of each and every person is on the roadway to one of these two cities. Humanity is like a great train riding on two tracks. One track is leading to one city and the other track to the other.

Long ago there existed a great city. That city was called Babylon. The king over that city was a man named Nimrod. He was an evil man who circumvented the worship of God and directed that worship to himself. The affect of the peoples misdirected worship resulted in massive confusion. In order to keep the world from self destructing God destroyed Babylon, but the memory of this city not only lives on, but the power that animated the city of Babylon still lingers in the air. The book of Revelation called it “Mystery Babylon Mother of Harlots.”

Sadly most all the people of the world are on the wrong track towards that city of Babylon.

The other city is the City of God. While the great train of humanity is riding on both tracks it isn’t always patently clear who individually is on which track; in fact only you yourself would know which track you are on. No one else really knows. The point is you yourself make that determination of which track you want to be on. The good news is that you can know what will be your destination.

What determines your destination is the very issue of your life, and it is this question your must honestly ask yourself and only you can answer. Here is the question. Whom do you serve; God or mammon? The answer to this question is one that must be daily asked, because you can start out on one track and move over to the other. The motive of the heart can change, and so can the track.

Mammon is the riches of this world. It includes fame, fortune, money, real estate, material goods. It is not wrong to have money nor any of these thing. If in this life you
prosper thank God, but do you serve those things? Is the focus of your life these thing(s) or is the focus of your life serving God?

If you are focused first on mammon your are on track heading toward the city of Babylon. You can read about that city and its fate in Rev 17 and 18. It is not pretty. If you are serving God your destination is explained in the book of Hebrews as a city that does not smoke with fire (that was Mt .Sinai where Moses received the Law) but a holy mountain; a kingdom that is populated by myriads of angels and does not pass away.

You can be poor and still covet mammon and you can be rich in this world and still be serving God. It is the motive of the heart and that is why only you can answer the question.; whom do you serve.

This question should come to mind whenever you are tempted to covet or lust after the things of this world. We always need to be checking our motives because the heart is deceitfully wicked. It can flip.

Make sure you are always staying on the right track, and headed towards the correct city. If if you are on the wrong track cross over and get on the right track, because the city of Babylon is not where you want to be headed. That city ends with a great destruction, and all the world wonders at the smoke of her torment.