The Unforgettable Tree

Tradition is the enemy of truth. This is the central thesis of The Unforgettable Tree.

After a lifetime of biblical study, documentary filmmaker and former pastor, Ken Klein has pieced together the literal truth behind the crucifixion: the where, how, and why of the most important event in Christian history.

Walk with the author down the roads that Jesus trod as he sheds light on the 1,700 years of artifice that have obscured the meaning of Christ’s final days.

About the author:  Ken Klein is a documentary filmmaker, former NFLer, former pastor, and biblical scholar.  Throughout his life he has explored the world of ancient antiquity to bring viewers—and now readers—the type of clarity in research that only his works are known for delivering.  He has thousands of followers on his online university and millions have viewed his films.

Ken's interest in film production and writing came after stumbling into the writings of ancient prophets. Ken takes on life's greatest mysteries, rips the cover off, and exposes them through fascinating and riveting films and books.

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